Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kevin's Countdown to Lost Season 6 Premiere: Top #15 Favorite Episodes #5

Out of the large stable of characters Lost has at its disposal, Desmond takes the cake for me. I've said it many times before, that Desmond's (and Penny's) story is truly the heart of Lost. Jack and Kate and Sawyer may be the more popular or at least more focused on, but when you are getting the what really makes the shot tick, the real meaty stuff that means so much personally and in terms of the arc of the show, Desmond is the man.

Live Together, Die Alone, was really the first Desmond centered episode. At that point in the show, Desmond was the mysterious man locked in the hatch, seemingly with more answers than his crazy escapist mind would let on. Alas, this was not the case of course. Desmond knew basically nothing of what he was doing. "Saving the world, brotha" as he would say. But when the finale of season 2 came, we were granted a glimpse at what the best of Lost looks like.

Desmond's story of redemption is ongoing, but his journey off the island and what he has brought with him, is heartbreaking and inspiring. This episode captures a man, lost at sea, trying to make sense of the uncontrollable. This story is what Lost is all about. Redemption. Leaving the world, being on the island, and hopefully returning home anew.

Oh yeah, and we find out Desmond is responsible for the plane crash. And there is a four toed foot of a giant statue. Hm.

But I will never forget the chills that crept up my spine in the last few minutes of the episode, as the music crescendos and Desmond turns the key to an undetermined fate. The episode deepened the mysterious of Lost while revealing answers we didn't see coming. I think that there are going to be many more episodes like this in the final season of the show, which I can't wait for.

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