Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kevin's Countdown to Lost Season 6 Premiere: Top #15 Favorite Episodes #15

Okay! So here it goes, my countdown to the Lost Season 6 premier with my top fifteen episodes. I consulted many different top episode lists which didn't not completely agree with me nor I them, but these are mine. These are the outstanding episodes that I remember most because of their shock value (WTF moments) pacing, storytelling, whatever! I'm doing two today because I missed yesterday.

Number fifteen but number 1 on the countdown is THE MOTH. There are plenty of episodes from season one that will appear on this countdown but The Moth will forever be one of my favorites. Before this episode, Charlie was nothing to me. He was a junkie that I felt the producers and writers forced upon you. But this tore down everything we knew about him only to build him back up stronger than ever.

Still being one of the only episodes that truly gets to the core of Charlie, The Moth had all the magic that season one could muster. Locke was still very mysterious and almost mentor-like. The island was still new and exciting and the mysteries of the Mary statues were not fully explained. It was mysterious and heartbreaking, which I believe is the very foundation of Lost.

The final conversation with Locke and Charlie just encapsulates the story perfectly and I will never forget the imagery of the moth flying up into the night sky. Alas, Charlie you are dead now. I do miss you, but I know we'll see you again. Though like many of Lost's reoccurring characters, it will not be the Charlie will all knew and loved. RIP buddy, as I sing, "You All Everybody"!

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  1. Moth is one of the best episodes. It always stuck out in my mind because of that conversation with Locke and the symbolism of the moth.