Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dual Rant on Hollywood

First off, look at this picture.

Okay, now this is what is reporting with the picture:

"Matt Reeves Says 'Let Me In' Will Be Darker Than 'Twilight'

....WHAT THE FUCK??? I'm sorry to use such language but I literally shake with rage over this. I can't stand Hollywood!!! Think about this. Have you seen the original film. It was fantastic, beautiful, touching, dark, and unforgettable. Why in god's name would you remake something that came out in America that was that frickin good?!? WHY?!?

And then on top of it all, Matt Reeves says this????? Darker than Twilight? It should be so much darker that Twilight looks like Dora the Explorer in comparison. It should be so much darker that Twilight goes and gets a tan on its diamondy skin and dresses differently. It should be so much darker that Twilight goes and rents Twin Peaks on DVD and locks itself in a room to watch it over and over again until it learns its god damn lesson.

Why remake it? Its a blatant disrespect for the source material especially when you say this shit! God damnit!

Next on the agenda: Spider-man reboot

Okay. This gets me equally as pissed off as Matt Reeves directing Let the Right One In does. First off, the Spider-man WERE fun. Spider-man 2 was my favorite. 1 was okay and 3 was god awful. But to reboot it already? Rebooting Superman I get, its been years since we've seen him in movies. Batman even had been years since we saw him. The Hulk no one saw so the reboot was okay, but still no one saw it. But to reboot Spider-man? It still holds records! Sam Raimi started something great and ruined it. Let the bad taste leave everyone's mouth. Don't reboot it yet. Wait a few years Hollywood, or don't do it at all. Its unnecessary and disrespectful.

And that's what gets me so mad. Its disrespectful. Hollywood is just about the money and not the art whatsoever. It makes me sick and bitter. I won't go to see Spider-man because I have already seen it. Give us something new, Hollywood. Stop recycling or you will dig your own grave.

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  1. what makes me more mad about the reboot of Spiderman was the fact that Raimi had a really solid idea for #4 because he knew #3 was terrible and wanted to make up for it. Supposedly it was a very out-there idea and wild and crazy, and since a hollywood studio hated it, thats how you know it was a good idea. All of this could have been avoided AND the complete disgusting piece of poop that was called #3 could have been forgotten completely with a strong #4.

    As for the Let the Right One in Remake, my shit is darker than Twilight. Orin is darker than Twilight. Matt Reeves is retarded. He lives in an institution in northern Iowa. If I just ignore this remake, in my mind, it never happened.