Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sarsgaard is Hector Hammond

The above picture is a crude adaption of what Peter Sarsgaard will probably look like since being cast in Green Lantern the movie. I have said it before and I will say it again, that when super hero movies need actors like Peter and Lively. They bring no Hollywood baggage to a film that needs their blank slate sort of approach to make these fantastic characters real. Renolds is much like Robert Downey Jr by being on the fence of Hollywood. Robert has more recently planted his feet in the mind of movie goers and is rapidly approaching his super stardom I believe he has been owed. But the cast that Campbell is building truly has my support and has me believing that this movie will bring the realism that it must have to be good, and the talent that we all want. Sarsgaard is awesome and will be a perfect Hector Hammond. I just don't like the character.

The other good thing about this news is that we now have more information on the story which leads me to believe it is the Secret Origin story. If you have never read it or comics in general, pick this one up. Its a great read and welcomes noobs into the modern mythos of the Green Lantern saga which seamlessly blends the old stories with the new. The story reads just like a movie and also includes such plot points that lead to future events that shock the Green Lantern and DC Universe. Bomb!

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