Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kevin's Countdown to Lost Season 6 Premiere: Top #15 Favorite Episodes #9

Season 5 was definitely hard to get used to or even comprehend. Where Lost was shedding viewers, those faithful to the show hardened their resolve and actually put some thought in the show. It that regard, season 5 was amazing. But their were two episodes that solidified this fact early on and one of them was LaFleur.

Not only did this episode see the end of the time jumps but it completely change the show once again. With those left behind literally left behind in the past, the show's dynamic was turned upside down. Sawyer and company help the Dharma Initiative and then join them! The fact that Sawyer's conning skills come back into play is powerful and it gets them out of some tight spots. But the fact that they are now living with the Dharma Initiative pales in comparison to the revelation at the end of the episode.

Sawyer walks through the Dharma barracks passing friends as he moves to a house. He enters to find a very happy and healthy looking Juliet who is happy to see him. Then, they kiss and exchange I love you's. Holy shit.

This scene, bookended by the scene where he asks if she has his back before she gets on the sub to leave, is one of the best of season 5. Juliet and Sawyer together was better to me than Kate and Sawyer and I was heartbroken as the big, burly man watches her fall to her death in the finale.

LaFleur was a gamechanger if there ever was one and it set the pace for the rest of season 5. Thus is place on my countdown.

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