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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Courtesy of Our Friends at The Great Mambino

(The news for weeks is that Derrick Rose, All-Star and 2011 NBA MVP of the Chicago Bulls, has been playing full throttle after a year-long recovery from a torn ACL. However, his return for the 2012-2013 season has all been squashed; he told Turner Sports this week that his “muscle memory” isn’t getting his body to respond correctly. This all might be a moot point–the Bulls might be competing in their last game of the year tonight, a Game 7 against the Nets in Brooklyn.

To say that Chicago is banged up is an understatement. In addition to Rose, the team won’t have Luol Deng tonight, whose flu infection got him hospitalized not just once, but twice this past week. Rose fill-in PG Kirk Hinrich is questionable with a badly bruised calf, while his fill-in Nate Robinson was reportedly throwing up on the sidelines from illness during Game 6. Center Joakim Noah is suffering from a case of plantar fascitiis that has him playing at around 60-70%. His bench counterpart Taj Gibson is the third Bull to fall to the flu, and barely made the call for Game 6.

With his team almost paralyzed with injury, many have asked that if Derrick Rose is going all-out in practice, shouldn’t he be playing in his team’s most crucial game of the year?

Not having any practical experience in competitive basketball, we went straight to our man El Mariachi, whose teenage years were wrought with knee injuries of every kind. Take it away, bru–should Derrick Rose be playing tonight?)

Every injury a basketball player sustains throughout their career forever affects and changes the way they play the game. Basketball, like most other sports, is about millions of different micro-calculations made by your body every nanosecond. Hand eye coordination, vision, strength, balance, and awareness all while under physical and sometimes psychological distress, take their toll on a player’s body and mind from the jump ball to the final buzzer. Add on top of that an aching heel, weak knee, sore shoulder, or even illness, the body will adapt like the amazing creation it is. And whether it’s subconsciously or deliberate, the body of a player will always over compensate even in the smallest sense of the word.

In my young basketball career I was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans, a degenerative bone condition that took me out of the game for two years. Four surgeries, 10 months on crutches and countless hours of physical therapy later, I was back on the court. But it never was the same.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who Cares that David Hayter is Not Voicing Snake in MGS 5

Over the past several months more and more information regarding the next installment in the Metal Gear Solid franchise has arisen. It started with the amazing Ground Zeroes trailer, then the mysterious Phantom Pain trailer, culminating in the official announcement of Metal Gear Solid 5 at GDC 2013 (Game Developers Conference). The whirlwind of speculation, typical of Hideo Kojima games, surrounded these various press releases and trailer reveals, often making huge waves across the internet. But no announcement made more of a stink than the news that David Hayter will not be reprising his role as Snake in the upcoming game.

Now, Hideo Kojima is infamous for throwing marketing curve balls our way. The very fact that he created a fake video game company and had a fake interview with its fake CEO on G4 just to hide the fact that a new Metal Gear Solid game was coming shows you how sick this guy is. I say that with love. For all we know, David Hayter may have been asked to act like he is not in the game just to throw us all off the scent but who knows.I mean, he made trailers for Metal Gear Solid 2 with fake footage of Solid Snake throughout the game when in fact it would be Rayden that you play as in those parts that were shown. All I'm saying is the guy loves to f*@k with us.

But what if he isn't this time around? What would a Metal Gear Solid game be like without David? Would it really matter?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fandango: The Rise and Fall of Curtis Jonathan Hussey

I'm calling it: if and when the WWE makes the Fandango DVD it will be 15 minutes long.

The first seven minutes would be a montage of the numerous times that "we almost got to see the debut of FAN-DAN-GO", the next two minutes would be "highlights" from the his Wrestlemania 29 match with Jericho, the following three minutes would be the post-Mania Raw crowd singing the his theme song, and the last three minutes will be credits.

The return of Johnny Curtis has been a strange one. One that showcases how far out of touch the WWE is from their fan base as well as the times. After what felt like dog years of promo vignettes of this new dancing superstar, the WWE Universe was finally granted the opportunity to witness the birth of a new "wrestling" sensation, Fandango.What first felt like the WWE cramming another dancer into their ranks to take the hard earned cash of kids and their parents, has somehow become something much more than just a wrestler and a gimmick. The very response Jerry was forced to give a few Raws ago on the new "sensation" called Fandangoing shows just how much more Fandango represents than the WWE ever intended.

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I've been playing a lot of Tetris lately, for free, on the Tetris website.


I have loved Tetris ever since I was very little.  I cannot remember the first time I played it - I was probably three or four.  It is a game that has seemingly been present throughout my existence, its simplistic and immediately recognizable shapes always filling me with happiness (and a little bit of enjoyable dread) when I see them.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

WrestleMania 29 Rumors and Matches

I've been on an extended hiatus when it comes to my weekly Smackdown reviews because quite frankly, I haven't been watching them. I've been catching up a week late on Hulu+ (which is a god send when it comes to the WWE. 5 hours of wrastling condensed into two 90 minute shows, yes please!)

So a lot has happened in recent weeks including the Elimination Chamber PPV. Rumors have been swirling, names have been dropped, and the location of WrestleMania 30 has been revealed. Yes, a lot has happened, but also a lot hasn't happened. Dolph is still holding the MITB briefcase, Del Rio is still World Heavyweight Champion, and the Undertaker hasn't made his annual return which has left us speculating as to what the final card will look like.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Courtesy of our friends at The Great Mambino

Is Chip Kelly a Good Fit For the Philadelphia Eagles?

(In a shocker, Oregon Ducks football coach Chip Kelly became ex-Oregon Ducks football coach this afternoon, as he signed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Kelly had been courted by several NFL teams, but seemed to be going back to Eugene after some sources reported he had signed with the Cleveland Browns just two weeks ago. Our man and foolish Eagles faithful El Mariachi had no choice but to comment on his potentially history-making day)

It is common knowledge that the Philadelphia fan base is a notoriously tough crowd when it comes to sports. But when you look past all the bad press that they get you can see deep down in the cavities of their chests that there is a tiny, Kelly-green Grinch- heart three sizes too small. They are arguably the most passionate fan base in all of sports and they are usually the most critical. Which made the 2012 season all the more painful.

To say the least, it was a sad year. Beginning with the tragic death of Andy Reid’s son, the culmination of a 4-12 season, and the inevitable firing of Reid, ending a twelve year long witch hunt. Add everything up, and this made the Eagles one of the unprecedented seven teams that needed a head coach entering the 2012 postseason.

After a grueling process of interviewing over 11 candidates, it was reported today that Oregon head coach Chip Kelly will be the new boss of the Philadelphia Eagles. Ask any fan and they’ll tell you that any change is for the better...but is it really?

Chip Kelly is best known for his high octane offensive style. His no huddle offense is reminiscent of the Patriots, Redskins, and the Colts during the Manning era. Almost always starting in shotgun, Kelly uses the spread offense with 3, 4 or even 5 receiver sets. In theory this spreads the defense dangerously thin which opens up not only the run game, but the read-option for the quarterbacks. This is best run by someone mobile like Cam Newton, RGIII, Colin Kaepernick, or interestingly, a young Michael Vick. The Eagles might have Nick Foles running the show next year, which is a problem in itself. It's not that Foles isn't capable--it's that he's unproven with such a small sample size of games. Regardless of who's throwing the ball, this offensive is devastating when implemented correctly with the right personnel and it led Chip Kelly to an astounding 46-7 record in only a four year span at Oregon.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Academy Awards is Like the WWE

Months ago, Grantland featured an article written by the legendary Masked Man about the similarities in the WWE and the NBA. It's brilliant for basketball and WWE fans. And if you are a fan of both, then it's truly incredible. You can read it here:

The Masked Man's article, took players from the NBA and compared them against their WWE counterpart. Lebron James was John Cena, Dwayne Wade was CM Punk and David Stern was Vince McMahon. It was a truly incredible and fresh angle to look at both sports and how they aren't as different as we might think. Now with the awards season upon us, I started getting all cynical about the award shows aka popularity contests that Hollywood throws. And I couldn't help but see similarities in the WWE and the entertainment world. It could be that I watch waaaaay too much wrestling and my brain can't switch it off or maybe it's that the WWE really isn't that different from our lives as we think. That sentence sounds crazy I know but hang with me.