Chronicles of the Machine

         For years, the Machine's origin, purpose and secrets have been a mystery to scientists, scholars, mathematicians, and doctors. Many have tried to duplicate it's production, to replicate it's side-effects, only to be met with disaster. Only a handful of gentlemen know the secrets behind the mysteries. Here is what we know.

In 1877, Dr. Roland Emmerich, renowned industrialist and finger-painter, discovered the internet in an excavation in Southern Romania. He brought the internet back to his home town in England where he would study it and extract it's various capabilities. His work consumed him and when he died, the internet was lost.

It resurfaced in 1982 when computer engineers found it being used in cock-fighting rackets in Upstate Mississippi. It was brought back to Washington D.C. where they discovered the true power of the internet. But then it was stolen by a secret organization of bloggers, future-tellers, ones that would use the internet for good and justice.

They kept the internet safe and from it's mysterious they built the Future Machine. With the Machine only their imagination could contain them. Film, Television, comic books, video games, sports, pop culture, all of it was at the tips of their fingers.

To this day the Future Machine is maintained and operated by these few courageous men who blog for what is right in this world. We all owe them a bit of thanks.


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