Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NBA Coaches That Look Like Celebrities

Recently I did a post about professional athletes that look like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I had so much fun writing it that I have found another boundary breaking, trans-medium dimensional comparison about NBA coaches that look like celebrities. Please read and enjoy!

Rick Carlisle = Jim Carrey

 To start things off, we look at NBA championship coach of the Dallas Maverick's Rick Carlisle and his doppelganger Jim Carrey. Please, do yourself a favor and google Rick Carlisle Jim Carrey. The photos that people have created for comparisons are incredible. But what makes them so identical is not just their funny facial expressions, deep dark eyes or their intimidating shaved head, it's their personalities. Whenever you listen to a Rick Carlisle interview you can't help but feel like he is Jim Carrey doing an impression of Rick pretending he knows nothing about basketball. It truly feels like an In Living Color skit where Jim is playing a head coach who doesn't even know what sport he is coaching.

Sorry for ruining ever watching a Mavs press conference again, all 11 of you.


Vinny Del Negro = Luke Wilson

 The next comparison is a recent one that I noticed while watching the Clippers a few nights ago, biting my fingernails to a bloody pulp because of Fantasy Basketball. But then Vinny Del Negro popped up and I said "Why is Luke Wilson on the sideline of the Clippers bench?" Upon closer looks, I realized that Luke Wilson is now the LA Clippers head coach. Now, I know celebrities can basically get whatever they want, but Luke Wilson's celebrity could probably only pull some strings to get him a signed copy of Rock of Ages by Paul Giamatti. Maybe a picture with Paul too. So I took out my trusty iPhone and asked google what the hell was happening in the universe and sure enough, I have never actually seen Vinny Del Negro on TV and my brain registered it with one of the six celebrities of which I know their first and last names.


George Karl = Ned Beatty

 First off, let me make this one perfectly clear: I'm not making fun of George Karl coach of the Denver Nuggets. The guy beat cancer and is beating it again. He's tough as nails and a real hero in my eyes. But my eyes also tell me something else. And that is that he looks just like Ned Beatty. They have the same face, hair, skin, clothes, and fat.

 If they were to ever make a movie of George Karl's life they would need to do it quick before Ned (or George) leave us. And honestly, not matter what I say it sounds like I'm making fun of George Karl. I mean, my Orlando Magic did beat them opening night!! That's something to make fun of him for.

Mike Woodson = Mr Potato Head

 This one I promised I would put in because my girlfriend came up with it. And I mean, come on! It's so good! Mike Woodson, coach of your New York Knicks looks just like the famous toy turned actor Mr. Potato Head. It's not only the fact that his beard looks like he smeared shoe polish on his face, but he head also resembles a frickin potato. Give him a bowler hat and big blue shoes and we have the star of Toy Story 4 baby!

*On a side-note, how the hell does he grow his facial hair like that. It's so dense and solid. I defies logic and all that is holy. Or holey. Gawd, that was bad.

Alvin Gentry = the Toad from Pan's Labyrinth

I know this one seems like a joke but every time I look at Alvin Gentry, coach of the Phoenix Suns's face, I die a little inside. His face looks like it was hit by a car or mauled by a bear inside of a flaming car. And it's all droopy and malleable that it makes me think that he takes it off at night and goes to sleep looking like this: 

That's the toad from Pan's Labyrinth. It's fucking disgusting. Sorry mamma and poppa Gentry, your son looks like an animatronic frog. At least he coaches in the NBA.

That guy that used to be an assistant coach in Orlando = Patrick Ewing, the actor

Now I couldn't find out the name of this guy but he used to be an assistant coach to Stan Van Gundy in Orlando before the Dwightmare. Whoever he is, he looks just like the actor Patrick Ewing. He has starred in Space Jam, Cosby, the Rosie O'Donnell Show, the 1996 NBA All-Star game, and the Exorcist III as the Angel of Death (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0263992/ - somehow it's true). It's a shame I can't figure out his name, google seems to have been fooled by his resemblance to the actor Patrick Ewing as well so they're no help.

Please if you have any idea who this man is, let me know in the comments below.

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