Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reflections On My Life and Lost the Past Six Years

There are few things in this world that I am truly passionate about. Yes I like a lot of things; comics, movies, books, dogs, boobs etc. But when it goes just beyond liking something, when it transcends from entertainment to experience, when I am challenged not just as a viewer but as a person, and when I am touched deeply by people that will never exist, that is what I truly love. And never in my life have I ever cared more about something like I do Lost. I can't just say that I've never cared for a TV show more, because I've never cared more about anything else in my life that wasn't directly connected to me. I've so deeply invested myself and my life to the mythology and characters that now that it is over, I feel like I have lost something of myself. And now that I think of it, I can't remember exactly what my life was like before the show.

Over the past six years not only has this show kept me glued to my couch every week but it has ensnared me in its allure and mystery that there hasn't been a time since it began that I haven't thought about it or it influencing my life somehow. Never will I look at polar bears the same, never will I be able to say "son of a bitch" without thinking of a salty someone, and never will I forget some of history's most famous philosopher's names. This show has not only brought me joy, sorrow, laughter and anger over the past six years, it has also made me a better person. It has opened my mind to new ideas, turned me on to dozens of books, inspired me in my own career, and taught me what true story telling is like.

I have said before that I truly believe Lost will go down as being one of the greatest TV shows of all time. And the finale tonight has completely solidified that for me. I have never felt more satisfied by a series finale than I do right now. I thought that I would be frustrated or angry that we didn't learn more, but I see now that though the show was serialized and the story kept you through thick and thin, it was about the redemption of the characters and their journeys on and off the island. Without these characters we never would have cared. And over the past six years I have come to love Kate, adore Juliet, want to be Jack, wish I had Sawyer's courage, and aspire to be more like Hurley. Our journey was just as important as theirs and now that one has come to a close, ours can begin.

But where do we go from here? There will never be anything like Lost again. And good, there shouldn't be. Nothing would ever be as genuine or as beautiful as Lost. It will remain where it belongs, in our hearts. I apologize if this sounds corny or geeky but I truly have loved this show since I first laid eyes on it. It has been a big part of my maturing adult life and I owe a lot to the show. I know I will never be the same as I was before it began. And I love that.

So thank you Lost for everything you have given me. I will truly miss you. I'll see you in another life time, brotha.

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  1. William Shatner has a new show coming out; im sure that will fill the empty void in your heart.