Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Kick-Ass Review

So I just saw Kick-Ass two days ago and it has taken me those two days to finally come to a solid conclusion on the movie. I went it ready for one of the best superhero movies of all time, mainly since I have been hyping it up for so long in my head and IGN gave it 5 out of 5, though I should know by now never to trust their movie judgement.

Anyway, after the movie I was happy with it but the ending left a very bitter taste in my mouth. The movie was realistic to a point and very fun to actually see how a real superhero would fair in today's world. The best part of it was that Kick-Ass wasn't a good superhero if you could even call him that. He sucked, was stupid, and got the shit kicked out of him. The thing I loved about that though was the message that the film carried. That it wasn't about being a superhero, it was just about helping each other out, that we should all be inspired to do good. To me that was the true message that this pubescent teen brought to the silver screen that really hit home with someone like me. Someone who has always wanted to be a superhero.

Nicholas Cage was awesome and extremely disturbing at the same time. Chloe Moretz was amazing the fucking awesome. And Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass was getting a 40 year old pregnant.

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