Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost Finally Redeeming Itself

I've been getting emails, texts and phone calls from all my friends about Lost since it started. And its sad that I haven't had the heart to even write back. Lost, my favorite show of all time, has brought me to the breaking point. But right when I thought all was lost, it finds a way to bring me back. Like usual business, as soon as Desmond returns the show takes a momentum swing in the direction of good television. Movement and development and answers have finally started to come and most important of all, the alternate universe is finally relevant.

I felt the change when a friend of mine was complaining about the show and I started to defend it again! I was elated to finally find myself on the side of Lost once again, willing to rationalize and defend her to the end. I am genuinely excited now for what is to come and I feel my faith being restored that it will be a satisfying and amazing end to my favorite show of all time.

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