Monday, February 22, 2010

Five Moderately Impressive Videos Made By People Who Really Love LOST

5. What?

4. The Sitcom

3. Answers?!

2. A 1967 Campy Sci-Fi Series

1. Flight 815 Crash in Real Time

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Alternate Timeline

Okay now that my review is out of the way, its time to stretch those Lost analytical muscles and churn out some theories and observations based on the encyclopedic knowledge of the show. I am going to focus on the new timeline that the bomb created where Oceanic 815 lands safely in LAX.

I'll begin with saying that this is fascinating. It is so interesting to see what would actually happen if they landed. And its like a breath of fresh air to see the real Locke alive and well. I missed him very much and it was good to see him.

The shame of the new timeline is that this isn't how it would have happened.

Things aren't how they were. The first huge inconsistency was that Desmond was on the plane. Desmond being my favorite character, I delve deep into what this could mean. If he is there why I think he's there, and that is because he knows something's up, than that's fine. But if he is there otherwise, I'm going to have a problem with it. It just so happens that Desmond was on the same flight back to LA, I don't think so.

The second major inconsistency was, for me, was that Shannon wasn't there. That's really when it first hit me that things weren't right aside from Desmond. And Hurley being lucky? Things are really wrong here. Plus Hurley and Sawyer were in the wrong seats, which would leave them in the tail section of the plane. But therein lies the intrigue. This timeline isn't the timeline that would have been. This is an entirely new beast. But the one thing that has truly piqued my interest, was that Jack's dad is missing.

This little detail leads me to believe that this new timeline is incomplete. Its missing key components that the original has. I am about to list my potential theory so if you don't want to read it don't continue. I believe that the two timelines, in the end, will somehow merge, restoring our heroes to their lives but redeemed and knowing everything that happened on the island.

I know there are holes in this theory but, that is how I feel as of right now. I can't think of another reason why they would introduce the idea of another timeline. And why is the island underwater? And how did Juliet know the bomb worked? It was funny, right as the episode ended I found myself saying what I always say at the end of an episode, I fucking hate this show.

Lost s601 "LAX" Review

I apologize for not writing this earlier but I was away for the last few days, which gave me plenty of time to think about the premiere of Lost. I will say that I did not like it as much as Tim did, but I did think it was great. To me, it did what Lost does best, the unexpected. When last season ended it could have went a few different ways. Through the off season everyone was speculating which actually happened and couldn't wait to see if they were right. What the Lost writers did was combine all the theories into one, unexpected outcome that was more shocking than we could have ever thought.

So the bomb worked, but it didn't. And now there are two timelines, one where Oceanic 815 landed safety and the other where they crashed. That's awesome! I was blown away when I first saw it. And now the flashbacks are flashes to the alternate timeline. Also we finally were shown the Temple, which I has been dying to see since it was first mentioned in season 3. But my favorite was when we got some hints towards the black smoke monster. Season 5 is already shaping up to reveal, just as Tim was saying, answers that are subtle. A lot of conclusions I've made about this episode came later when I put some thought into it, and whenever a show or movie does that, its fantastic.
My gripe with the episode it that you can count one constant in Lost; that big things happen in the premiere and final episodes. For a premiere I felt that not much actually happened. The pacing was off for the first hour and the characters were in one place. Finally with the Temple, the story picked up a bit but still, I felt like not much actually happened. I was way more interested in the alternate timeline. And then there was Juliet's second death. Okay, maybe she survived the bomb with a flash to a new time or something, but to have her die again was comical. I thought Josh Holloway's performance was amazing but the material he had to work with left a lot to be desired. "I have to tell you something...ugghhhh...." That is way too cliche for Lost but it in no way made me hate the episode.

The main thing is that I am more intrigued by Lost than ever before. I can't stop thinking about it. Locke aka Jacob's nemesis aka black smoke monster are all the same thing. It solidifies what people have been speculating for years that the black smoke monster is actually all the dead people we have seen on the island. But what the shit is it? How did he know Locke's last thoughts? Why in the alternate timeline was the island underwater? What the hell is it all about? I love it! The premiere answered as many questions as it raised but it is all fresh and new. Lost always changes and that's why its so great. I can't wait to see what is going to happen. Thank god its Tuesday tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kevin's Countdown to Lost Season 6 Premiere: Top #15 Favorite Episodes #1

So it comes, the end of the begining of the end. As I sit here at 7:30pm waiting impatiently for the season premiere I write this blog entry. Lost is flowing through my veins and my mind races with anticipation for what is to come. So here goes my last entry for the countdown with my #1 favorite Lost episode of all time.

The Constant. In the midst of season 4's hints of science fiction, Desmond Hume found himself on a journey through time itself. Again, Desmond is my favorite character and I fully believe that his relationship with Penny is the heart of Lost. Everytime they are on screen together or apart, the magic of their relationship transcends any other on the show, giving us the greatest episodes of Lost. And this episode was the absolute best.

The time travel aspect was introduced perfectly, getting us used to the idea through the concept of someone's consciousness being sent through time and not their body. It prepared us for what was to come and it also introduced Faraday as the voice of knowledge and importance in the Lost mythology.

But really, the story of Desmond is what makes this episode so fantastic. His self imposed exile and his fight to return to the love of his life has never been more genuine and never felt so potent in an episode. The final moments of the episode when Desmond and Penny speak for the first time in over 3 years was choppy but pitch perfect. It was a swirl of emotions and excitement as not only our hero was able to reconnect with Penny, but his life was saved in the process.

The Constant also furthered Desmond's importance in the show's story. He is an exception unlike any other character in the series, and I do believe he will come back in a big way. He and Faraday will be instrumental in the show still and I can't wait to see them both return.

The Constant is a showcase of direction, writing, and acting for not only Lost but television as a whole. It has more power than most films nowadays and it retains its magic everytime you watch it. I can't say enough about this episode other than I have never seen anything as good as it on TV. Period.

And that's it for my Lost countdown. Sorry Brian that you're episodes didn't make my list, maybe you should do one too. I hope everyone writes something about the new episode. I don't care if we all write reviews or even just thoughts. I want to hear all of it, since I will be writing plenty. So enjoy the premiere and "I'll see you in another life, brotha."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kevin's Countdown to Lost Season 6 Premiere: Top #15 Favorite Episodes #2

I will say that I have never been shocked more than at the end of the Sixth Sense and at the end of Walkabout. Its the feeling that came with such a revelation that Bruce Willis was dead and that John Locke was paralyzed. All the pieces of the puzzle that made up the time you have been watching finally all make sense in a rush of realization and awe that you can't help but turn to your friend and scream holy shit!

That is why Walkabout is my #2. But not only that, it introduces the once mysterious, John Locke and his extremely boring everyday life. He works at a box company during the day and calls a sex line at night. He has no friends, no family, and no life. But that is what makes Locke so great. On the mainland he was nothing, on the island he is everything. He hunts, builds, and plays a mean game of backgammon. What's not to like?

The writers went to great lengths to destroy our image of Locke as a man to build him back up as the man on the island and it really payed off. There has never been an episode with such an amazing impact like Walkabout. Even now when I watch the episode, I still get chills when you see him stand for the first time.

Its simply amazing.

Kevin's Countdown to Lost Season 6 Premiere: Top #15 Favorite Episodes #3

Not many episodes can cut to the heart of Ben Linus like the Shape of Things to Come. This episode was dark and real. Well real besides the black smoke monster but we'll get to that.

On Lost, if we're lucky, a character's death is long and drawn out in a cinematic way. We are given closure and plenty of time to think about it. (Charlie, Boone, and even Shannon) But the rest of the time, the characters are ripped from the show realistically leaving us stunned and wanting answers. In the episode of season 4 where shit got real, we got just that.

First of all, time travel was still new and Ben's flashback was actually a flash forward but back to the past, confusing eh? That aside, the real meat of the show came with Keemy's siege of the barracks and Sawyer's uncanny ability to dodge bullets. It built to the stand off with Keemy and Ben which resulted in the death of Alex, Ben's adopted daughter. It was such a blow to the audience to have someone actually carry out a threat and kill a major character that we all watched in horror, including Ben. But that was the best part, to see Ben finally lose, to him him out of his element, to see him see his plans turn against him. For the man who always has a plan and always has something to say, was speechless.

Then to top it off, we were told that Ben can summon the black smoke monster and the attack on the mercs was absolutely satisfying. This episode was full of suspense, build up, action, and regret. And it truly was a hint at the shape of things to come.