Monday, February 8, 2010

The Alternate Timeline

Okay now that my review is out of the way, its time to stretch those Lost analytical muscles and churn out some theories and observations based on the encyclopedic knowledge of the show. I am going to focus on the new timeline that the bomb created where Oceanic 815 lands safely in LAX.

I'll begin with saying that this is fascinating. It is so interesting to see what would actually happen if they landed. And its like a breath of fresh air to see the real Locke alive and well. I missed him very much and it was good to see him.

The shame of the new timeline is that this isn't how it would have happened.

Things aren't how they were. The first huge inconsistency was that Desmond was on the plane. Desmond being my favorite character, I delve deep into what this could mean. If he is there why I think he's there, and that is because he knows something's up, than that's fine. But if he is there otherwise, I'm going to have a problem with it. It just so happens that Desmond was on the same flight back to LA, I don't think so.

The second major inconsistency was, for me, was that Shannon wasn't there. That's really when it first hit me that things weren't right aside from Desmond. And Hurley being lucky? Things are really wrong here. Plus Hurley and Sawyer were in the wrong seats, which would leave them in the tail section of the plane. But therein lies the intrigue. This timeline isn't the timeline that would have been. This is an entirely new beast. But the one thing that has truly piqued my interest, was that Jack's dad is missing.

This little detail leads me to believe that this new timeline is incomplete. Its missing key components that the original has. I am about to list my potential theory so if you don't want to read it don't continue. I believe that the two timelines, in the end, will somehow merge, restoring our heroes to their lives but redeemed and knowing everything that happened on the island.

I know there are holes in this theory but, that is how I feel as of right now. I can't think of another reason why they would introduce the idea of another timeline. And why is the island underwater? And how did Juliet know the bomb worked? It was funny, right as the episode ended I found myself saying what I always say at the end of an episode, I fucking hate this show.

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  1. No offense, but I really hope that after all of this they don't end with "and no one remembers."