Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kevin's Countdown to Lost Season 6 Premiere: Top #15 Favorite Episodes #1

So it comes, the end of the begining of the end. As I sit here at 7:30pm waiting impatiently for the season premiere I write this blog entry. Lost is flowing through my veins and my mind races with anticipation for what is to come. So here goes my last entry for the countdown with my #1 favorite Lost episode of all time.

The Constant. In the midst of season 4's hints of science fiction, Desmond Hume found himself on a journey through time itself. Again, Desmond is my favorite character and I fully believe that his relationship with Penny is the heart of Lost. Everytime they are on screen together or apart, the magic of their relationship transcends any other on the show, giving us the greatest episodes of Lost. And this episode was the absolute best.

The time travel aspect was introduced perfectly, getting us used to the idea through the concept of someone's consciousness being sent through time and not their body. It prepared us for what was to come and it also introduced Faraday as the voice of knowledge and importance in the Lost mythology.

But really, the story of Desmond is what makes this episode so fantastic. His self imposed exile and his fight to return to the love of his life has never been more genuine and never felt so potent in an episode. The final moments of the episode when Desmond and Penny speak for the first time in over 3 years was choppy but pitch perfect. It was a swirl of emotions and excitement as not only our hero was able to reconnect with Penny, but his life was saved in the process.

The Constant also furthered Desmond's importance in the show's story. He is an exception unlike any other character in the series, and I do believe he will come back in a big way. He and Faraday will be instrumental in the show still and I can't wait to see them both return.

The Constant is a showcase of direction, writing, and acting for not only Lost but television as a whole. It has more power than most films nowadays and it retains its magic everytime you watch it. I can't say enough about this episode other than I have never seen anything as good as it on TV. Period.

And that's it for my Lost countdown. Sorry Brian that you're episodes didn't make my list, maybe you should do one too. I hope everyone writes something about the new episode. I don't care if we all write reviews or even just thoughts. I want to hear all of it, since I will be writing plenty. So enjoy the premiere and "I'll see you in another life, brotha."


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  3. Oh and I couldn't agree more by the way. This is the best episode of Lost. You hit the nail right on the head about the writing, filmmaking and acting.