Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jack McBrayer Review

Hey, Jack McBrayer, you think you're funny and shit? You think it's cool to play the same lame character in every damn movie you're in? No. You're not funny. You don't make me laugh.

I really try to force myself to like 30 ROCK, it gets awards, lots of them, its regarded as our generation's best comedy, so it must be funny, right? I really come close to liking it sometimes too, until your fucking wacky-ass cartoon slapstick pierces my retinas with that stale routine of yours. You're not even attractive.

Just shut up Jack McBrayer. All I want, is for you to just shut up. I see on IMDB you're most recently credited as an actor in the upcoming sequel to CATS & DOGS. Wow, that should be good. What a life you've made for yourself Jacky-Boy... what a life.


  1. C'mon! Look at that could you hate that face?

  2. I imagine we can now see eye to eye on Andy Bernard.

  3. haha. We have to play Modern Warfare 2 together. I know that has nothing to do with Jack's just important.

  4. The action sags in the scenes without Batman? The only scenes worthy of any interest in the last film were those without him. If Bale turns in another performance along the lines of the one put on display in "Dark Knight," forget the character altogether and just get to the explosions. Can a character tortured by his conscience and subconscious get any more banal? Not to place the weight of the blame solely on Bale; the writing in the last film was limp-dick at best - all the scenes minus the Joker's served no other purpose than to suture those involving his together. The worst exposition in recent memory.