Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4 Things That Will Finally Be Answered on LOST

1. Was it Rain Lockheart's plan to reset time when he sent the particle transmission to Laura?

2. If the gruntnick gang planted the triptonium seeds in vantage point K, does Gregory still impregnate Fyvish's daughter in Clark's reality of the Reim-Chin system?

3. When the faloopadoodle puddle quake hit phillistine balm-baddosh-theremin, can Phyddyck Thistlescumps re-postulate tenacity whilst reticulating splines blundery bastionalisig kumkwatzacoatloscopy?

4. Let me get this straight...


  1. None of these questions have ever been posed by Lost. Alex.

  2. Before I saw this was posted by Alex, I really stopped at question 1 and tried to remember who "Rain" was.

    Then I made a face like "Jim from the Office" when I found out.