Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Has Lost Lost its Way?

Quite frankly, I think Lost has sucked this season thus far. Sure there have been plenty of great moments, subtle answers, and great character work, but as a whole, it has been slowly dying. With such a great start I truly believe that this was going to be the season we all thought it would be. But alas, it is not, and even more troubling, it is far from that.

Like Tim has said before, ever episode should have some earth shattering answer or revelation about at least one of the thousand questions we have had since day one. Grant it, there have been tons of subtle answers that either solidify speculations or flat out clarify theories. Though, as Lost often does, they build answers out of vague hints or analogies that ultimately lead to more questions. Its just how they do it and we have to deal with it. I just have been completely unhappy and fed up with the season. "Sundown", Sayid's episode, was powerful and compelling because things were happening. And therein lies one of my biggest problems with the show.

Nothing is happening. Everything seems to happen in the alternate timeline, while the main story which matters and we all care about, nothing happens. Ben's episode, "Dr. Linus", the alternate timeline had a fantastic story, but on the island Ben dug a hole, ran away, and then came back. That's it. The island story is what matters and to have only that happen is piss poor for the last season of Lost. Even "Recon" Sawyer went to the Hydra Island, had a conversation with Widmore, and then came back. That's not enough! Not now. Maybe in season 3 it would have been fine but we loyal fans have waited too long for that bull shit.

The other problem is that the alternate timeline is where all the action happens. That's fine and very compelling to watch because the character work and acting is top notch but that timeline means nothing to us. Its past and its future effect nothing on the island. If Sawyer or Jack or Kate dies in that timeline, oh well. And the fact that the producers keep saying that it all makes sense in the end is frustrating. They are wasting an entire season with it, proclaiming that it all adds up later. NO! This is it. Its now or never to get it right. The last season of shows are primed for emotional story telling, for gripping action, and for down right great entertainment. And right now, Lost is not entertaining. Its boring and quite frankly annoying now.

I find myself picking about the dialogue, my eyes wonder while its on, and I talk badly about it like right now. That's now how its supposed to be. I love Lost. I think of myself as one of the biggest Lost fans. I hate that the show has brought me to this point, and that is not caring about what happens next. After every episode I love to see what's coming next and how exciting it looks, but now I know its not going to be good. I read everything I can about Lost online and IGN gives every episode 8's and 9's. They may be good TV but they are not good Lost. If you can sit down and watch it without seeing any other episode before it and enjoy it, its not good Lost. It should be full of references that casual fans won't get, flashbacks to things from previous seasons that now are revealed in a new light, and with major things happening to major characters which would move the fans that truly love these characters.

I could go on and on about this, mainly because I only know a few loyal Lost fans, being those of you that read this, that get my level of Lost fandom. Please, help me to like the show again. Leave comments that might make me feel better. I am off to watch "Ab Aeterno" which looks amazing, but we shall see.

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