Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chris Evans to Don the Captain's Shield

Not that I am the biggest fan of Captain America or Marvel for that matter, I find myself compelled to write at least something about this casting news. For me Captain America is in the same boat as Wonder Woman when it comes to moving to the big screen, with the Flash following in a dingy close behind. To me they look too goofy for real people to be wearing those costumes while audiences try to take them serious. I know its silly to say but on paper things work differently. As soon as a real person steps into a super hero costume, the first reaction can't be a giggle, or even an uncomfortable seat shift for that matter. You have to say "Cool" or "That's awesome", something to that affect because that's what comic books and comic book movies are, cool and awesome. Most of the time they lack the depth that the Dark Knight brought to the table though I do believe that things are changing very rapidly.

Which brings us back to Chris. In the Fantastic Four, he was perfect. The teen, action junky, heart throb, smart ass. And sadly, that is what most people remember him as. The Fantastic Four movies were some of the worst pieces of shit I have ever seen and I always look before I flush. But Chris Evans is definitely a better actor than that. He is absolutely a better actor than his movies. Sunshine is one of the few times where he actually shows his truly colors. Whether they are red, white, and blue or not, you would have to ask a Captain America fan. Plus with Hugo Weaving as Red Skull? Fuck me that sounds awesome. But that fact that an actor like Evans is now Captain America has me breathing a little easier. He's funny, smart, good looking, and jacked. Wait, am I gay?

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  1. I personally would have liked an older actor, but of the names that were rumored, this was easily the best choice and i approve.

    As for the costume, they said that it will be different for the film, so no worries there.