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Casting Call: Chris Nolan's Metal Gear Solid Movie

For years there has been rumblings about a Metal Gear Solid movie (based off the critically acclaimed, blockbuster video game series). At first I was crazy giddy with childish excitement, but over the years the excitement has faded. The wheelhouse of directors and scripts and oft mentioned producers have kind of numbed me to the idea of a movie ever being made. Plus, every video game movie ever made has been--


But now, that Avi Arad has come on board, I can't help but feel like the movie is going in the right direction now. Plus, Avi is the kind of producer that has respect for the source material that he dips into. So, if anything, I trust that the movie will be as faithful an adaptation as it can be. I specifically like his quote that video game movies are the super hero movies of the future. There is no better way to put it. Daredevil, Electra, Constantine, and The Fantastic Four are equal to Hitman, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Silent Hill, and the Resident Evil series. We need a Batman Begins or Iron Man from the video game world brought to the silver screen, and Metal Gear Solid is just the game to do it.

Now IGN did a whole article on how to get the movie right ( When they mention directors, Chris Nolan's name came up. Now, I don't think he would EVER do it, but it got me thinking. I would absolutely love if Nolan were to tackle the MGS series. It would be dark, moody and gritty, and exactly what it should be. In the spirit of this wishful thinking I have compiled the cast of characters from Metal Gear Solid (PS1) that Nolan could/should use from his usual gang of thespians. Enjoy and comment!

Gary Oldman as Revolver Ocelot
Gary Oldman has been a favorite in the fantasy running for Revolver Ocelot since the very beginning. Not only does he have the acting chops to ascend from henchman to arch nemesis (in the sequels) but he also has the star power to fuel the franchise. I love Gary Oldman as an actor and I think he could completely embody Ocelot and bring the darker, serious tone the film deserves. Ocelot is one of the most complex characters in Metal Gear Solid and Gary Oldman is the perfect fit.

Aaron Eckhart as Liquid Snake

My first pick for Liquid has always been Sean Bean. But in this fantasy I am going with Aaron Eckhart. I don't know if Eckhart could pull of a convincing British accent but I have full confidence that he could embody Liquid Snake. He even resembles Liquid. I don't think that they should go the full blown identical twin route when it comes to the movie. I think casting two separate actors as Liquid and Solid would be the best move. And Eckhart has my vote! Plus wouldn't be awesome to see a jacked up Eckhart battle Snake on top of Metal Gear? Shyeah!

Second Choice: Guy Pierce

Cillian Murphy as Psycho Mantis

When I thought of this, I literally giggled out loud. To me, there couldn't be anyone more perfect for the role. Cillian can be as creepy as they come, and would come across terrifying through a gas mask. God! I've got a chick boner for this pick. And with a little research, the internet agrees with me on this one. Murphy is Mantis!

Moira Cotillard as Sniper Wolf

I think Moira is absolutely perfect for Sniper Wolf. She has the sexy foreign accent and has the physicality for the role. This is my sleeper pick for Sniper Wolf, one that no one saw coming but it totally blows your dick right off. Plus, I'd basically kill my family to see Cotillard in the Sniper Wolf costume. BOOBIES!!

Tom Berenger as Kenneth Baker (ArmsTech President)

For such a small part, I don't think Tom Berenger could be anymore perfect. I don't think the guy has a single acting bone left in his body but he can sure as hell die in my fantasy Metal Gear Solid movie! Kenneth Baker is essential to moving the plot of the  movie and has a good deal of exposition. Tom could just croak it out and then die. For real. I mean the guy looks slimy and evil. I don't like him.

Tom Hardy as Vulcan Raven

To me, this one is a no brainer. I mean, look at the guy. He's absolutely huge and could totally embody the hulking Vulcan Raven. Plus we know he can kick ass. This was the easiest pick in my book. No one else even comes close.

And I'd love to hear what accent he would whip out for Vulcan Raven. He should just to Bane's voice but without the mask.

Joking, but not really...

Morgan Freeman as Donald Anderson (DARPA Chief aka Sigint)

This pick makes sense because Donald Anderson has a huge chunk of exposition that he narrates to Snake when he is being rescued. And who in the world is better at narrating than Morgan "Narrate You're Own Shit" Freeman.

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Otacon

This was the hardest role to cast because Otacon is such a feeble character throughout the first game that no one in Nolan's repertoire really conveys the same level of weenie. But if Joseph Gordon Levitt has taught us anything in his last couple roles its that he can do ANYTHING. He is so versatile and such a great actor that I would love to see his portrayal of Otacon. Plus, it would guarantee his involvement in sequels which rocks.

Anne Hathaway as Naomi Hunter

Naomi is a character that we only ever see via Codec conversations but her role becomes essential towards the end of the film. She is a young, wounded doctor who is out for revenge against Snake. The turn from innocence and malevolence would be a perfect arc for Anne Hathaway who can make a switch like that in an instant (see: The Dark Knight Rises first scene). The more and more I think of this pick the more I love it. I just wish we could see more of DAT BUTT.

Michael Jai White as Gray Fox

I've always been a fan of the original voice actor who portrayed Gray Fox in the Playstation 1 version of MGS. When they remade it for Gamecube they changed voice actors. But the character, to me, seemed lose something. I can't explain what it was but it just wasn't the same depth to the character. Or pain. But Michael Jai White actually sounds a lot like the original actor which would be crucial since Gray Fox is masked for most of the film. Plus Michael Jai can totally nail the physicality of the role. I mean, the guys a ninja already. Strap him up and roll the cameras!

Ellen Page as Meryl Silverburgh

Okay, this one is a stretch, I know, but just take a moment and think about it. She is young enough to convey the rookie/not-a-rookie persona that Meryl juggles throughout the first game. And her innocence is palpable and would truly lend to the heart wrenching trials that Meryl goes through. I just wish she wasn't so short. That's all. Chick is 5'1''.

Liam Neeson as Big Boss

In a story so rich was bad ass characters, it's a toss up between Big Boss and Solid Snake as to which is cooler. Luckily Solid Snake is a clone of Big Boss so the argument is basically moot. They both are as bad ass as they come so who is more of a bad ass "older" man than Liam Neeson? Somehow this guy has made a resurgence as an action star in the Taken movies so we know his got the clout to back it up. I know Big Boss doesn't appear in Metal Gear Solid but he is referenced plenty and is seen briefly in sketch flashbacks so I would say having an actor such as Neeson would be appropriate. Just image, bearded Liam Neeson with an eye patch. Fucking. Awesome.

Michael Caine as Colonel Roy Campbell

This is a tough call. First off Colonel Campbell isn't British so that's one strike against Michael Caine. Secondly, Campbell is a rough and tough war vet with a grizzly voice and a commanding attitude. Michael Caine doesn't exactly leak bad ass-ery. But we all know the immortal Michael Caine and how versatile he can be. I mean the guy was pretty bad ass in Harry Brown so I think he could pull it off at least. Now, the only time I have ever heard him do an American accent was in Weather Man and I couldn't help but think that it felt forced. I wouldn't hate a British Colonel Campbell but I bet the internet would.

Christian Bale as Solid Snake 

And lastly there is Solid Snake. This pick was the easiest and actually one of the most agreed upon casting choices. For years people have wanted Christian Bale to play Snake, especially after Equilibrium's Kurt Wimmer was rumored to have been tapped for the film. Honestly, Bale as Snake is a video game/MGS fan's wet dream. He is as bad ass as they come and would truly bring Solid Snake to life.

I also think Hugh Jackman could pull it off as well. I don't think he would be as good as Bale but Jackman definitely has the attitude and the physique to strap on the bandana. Or possibly play Liquid?

That's it! Anyone I didn't cast? Anyone you think would be better from Nolan's films? Who would you pick? Agree? Disagree?

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  1. Cant see anyone else except Jeff Bridges as Big Boss...I mean take a pic of BB from MGS 4 and place it next to a jeff bridges pic