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A Smackdown Review - (9/21/12)

While watching modern wrestling, I often like to think of the future. I like to think about what the modern roster’s DVD biographies will be like, if they will even have any. I would like to think that when it’s all said and done that Cena, CM Punk, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan will all have their own DVDs, just to name a few. Now maybe not all of them will have a biography but I have a feeling many if not all of the ones I mentioned will.

This brings me to Daniel Bryan, whom I think this about the most. Since his entrance into the WWE, he has been a special superstar. Winning Money in the Bank was the catalyst that would ignite a career that would eclipse all others today. Yes, CM Punk has been straight up (straight edge) killing it, but Daniel Bryan has truly brought something special to the table. I can’t explain why some guys make belts matter but they just do. Cody Rhodes made the Intercontinental belt matter, Ziggler made the US belt matter, and DB made the World Heavy Weight belt matter. These three are arguably the biggest pieces of the WWE’s future and that’s a very exciting thing.

So the fact that Daniel Bryan has become the best thing about watching the WWE is a very comforting and rewarding thought. Though he now has the Tag belt, he hasn’t needed a belt to stay not just relevant but to be in the best and most interesting storylines. I don’t pretend to know how they draft their scripts for the shows, whether it is more Daniel Bryan or the writers, but I don’t care. Whatever they are doing back there, they should just keep it up. Not only has it reinvigorated Kane’s stagnant career, but it has given Daniel Bryan an entire show to himself. Smackdown on Friday was the Daniel Bryan and Kane show. And I  F*CKING LOVED IT.

I got a text from my friend that the first ten minutes and the last ten minutes were the tops. I didn’t watch it live because I was preoccupied with fantasy football, which is again, why this post comes so late. I had to watch my fantasy team underperform and the Eagles get their sh*t pushed in. It’s been a rough couple of days. Anyway, the opening of Smackdown featured some of my favorite superstars on the roster. The Edge cameo to promote his sh*tty show that airs after Smackdown didn’t mean anything to me other than reminding my how much I look like Edge. Seriously, when they zoom out, it’s weird.
Anyway, Kane and Daniel Bryan came out with their new “I am the tag team champions” chant, which is complete genius. It literally makes no sense as a sentence whatsoever but it somehow just fits Kane and Daniel Bryan’s storyline. And whenever Kane goes completely straight and drops the mean red machine shtick for a moment, I fall even deeper in love. Just when I start to think that maybe we are getting too much of a good thing, Kane and Daniel Bryan just top it with their antics/banter. It honestly couldn’t be any better, but I know it will be.

And it’s also great to see Sandow getting his push. A win over Kane is a pretty big deal and it threw me off for a moment. I felt the same way when Cody beat Daniel Bryan but I never thought that they would tag Sandow and Rhodes up to face the I am the Tag Team Champions Champions. Again, I don’t know how they work it all out in the back, if Booker actually has any say in what matches go on (which I HIGHLY doubt), but bravo! The show actually had a cohesive storyline to it which made it thoroughly enjoyable/watchable. The last time they did anything close to this was back in the Attitude Era and it would usually involve the Rock or Stone Cold. I'm not saying that Daniel Bryan is at that point in his career but the guy is a compete supernova and I for one will be dying to watch him every Monday and Friday.

Honestly, I can't bring myself to write about the other matches on the card besides the ones that involved Kane or DB because they mean nothing in comparison and as a whole. Yes Santino won but Cesaro was boring and his title reign has been nonexistent. The guy has talent but he has been thoroughly buried under dem titties!!

Excuse me, I meant to say he has been buried in a roster full of up and comers.

I will speak briefly on the Brodus Clay and Heath Slater match though. Why can't the WWE cut away for a half an hour when they show a recap of Raw during these matches. They only excuse I will accept is that they are cutting away from a Lord Tensai match. Both Brodus and Tensai are the epitome of what is silly and old school for the WWE. We have moved on as an audience and want good wrestling instead of gimmicks.

If you have not watched Smackdown, just fast forward to the last 15 minutes because they were some of the most entertaining minutes of my recent adult life. Kane and Daniel Bryan completely decimated the entire Tag Team division with two chairs and a lot of love/hate. To see them both in the ring bashing Sandow in the back over and over again reminded me of this:

And this is one of the hardest videos to watch from the WWE. But somehow I found my
self cheering in horror and delight as they unloaded on all the cookie cutter, stereotype tag teams until they, the hard working and original team, stood in a wake of bodies. Those 15 minutes couldn't have captured their dynamic any better and I doubt that it is the last of that kind of slaughter that we will see.

With Raw being 3 hours of a lot of talking and wrestling that I don't necessarily care about, I will take Smackdown over the red brand any day, as long as it keeps up like this.

Focker out.

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