Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rack Review: 4/29/09

Superman #687

As a fan of Superman since I was little kid, I am very critical of how different writers represent him in their stints on his books. When Robinson took over, I couldn't help but feel that there was something off with his voice for the Man of Steel. So the fact that Superman has left Earth for NEW KRYPTON is almost like a breath of fresh air and a clean slate for Robinson to maybe find his grove. In this issue is jam packed but mostly with set ups. Everyone seems to be eying up Mon-El, the new protector of Metropolis. We get glimpses of General Lane, Toyman and Parasite but not much more.

The focus of the issue is the Guardian and his management of the Science Police which isn't the most exciting thing to behold. Yet, I can't help but get excited for the things to come. I just hope Robinson doesn't let down like he did with WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON. One highlight though is Renato Guedes' pencils are smooth and well choreographed as always. The only gripe I have with the art is David Curiel's coloring. Ever since this creative team took over, I can't help but feel like the colors are watered down or washed out. Like the entire book is bathed in a blue tint ala Minority Report. It worked there in the future, but not here. Score: C

Green Lantern #40

I have been waiting for story arc as soon as we saw the greedy hands groping the orange power battery in the beautiful and explanatory splash page of the SINESTRO CORPS WAR. So, when Agent Orange Larfleeze finally made his debut, I could not have been happier. Johns has created in this character a truly unique Corps set apart from the rest. And its a good thing because it was getting a bit repetitive - but still very cool. In this issue the Guardians have decreed that the Vega System and home to Agent Orange is no longer off limits. We still do not know exactly why they left the Vega System to Larfleeze and the other scum of the galaxy but I assume we'll find out soon enough.

Still torn asunder by the Blue Lantern ring, Hal Jordan's inner struggle is one of the more interesting things to happen to our hero as of late. The fact that hope and will go so hand in hand is interesting seeing that manifest itself physically. I just don't exactly think Hal being part of three different Lantern Corps in three consecutive issues is the exact pacing Johns should be going for. Philip Tan's pencils are for the most part solid but I think I am spoiled by Ivan Reis. Where Tan's art shines the more complex the panel is, his facial renders leave something to be desired. Yet, his Orange Lantern work is terrifying leaving me wanting more. He captures the stolen and twisted identities of the dead Lanterns so beautifully and regurgitates them as greedy shadows of their former selves. His best splash is the last page where we finally see Larfleeze who wants Jordan's Blue ring.

I'm loving this story arc for the genuine unique feel the Orange Corps has. I hope this new threat has a nice long stay in the DC Universe. Score: A

Legion of 3 Worlds #4

After a very long delay, issue 4 has finally been released and it worth the wait. I have always been a fan of Johns' arc for Superboy Prime. His descent into madness wasn't the most convincing but Prime's lunacy has been firmly established time and time again within DC's big events. He is the reason I started reading this story, though Johns' is what keeps me coming back.

First off, each issue of this series has been jam packed with characters, action and story making these over sized issues worth every cent of the $3.99 tag. But this issue in particular delivers one reveal after the other making it the strongest of the series yet. Comprised mainly of one giant battle between Prime and the Legionnaires of the future, George Perez demonstrates his uncanny ability to balance action and story with his beautifully rendered and unfathomably epic fight scenes.

We finally get some answers in terms of Kid Flash which with the release of FLASH: REBIRTH left a lot of readers asking WTF. At least now we have something to satiate our appetite. If you haven't read any of the Legion of 3 Worlds, you are a fool. Johns' encyclopedic knowledge of the DCU is stunning and his balance of decades worth of characters and stories is beyond comparison. Go get the rest of the series just so you can read this, for not only is it visual stunning, but it also has the return of some familiar faces. I'll leave you with that. Score: A+

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  1. I feel you were a little hard on Superman, I say C+ but hit Legion on the nose.