Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Blackest Night Art!

For those of you who don't know, I am a huge fan of Green Lantern. All star comic book writer Geoff Johns has been behind the hugely successful and consistently amazing run of the Green Lantern series. From the reintroduction of Hal Jordan in Rebirth to the action packed epic of The Sinestro Corps War, Johns has been slowly laying the groundwork for one of the most anticipated comic book events of the year, if not the decade - BLACKEST NIGHT.

Johns has subtly and carefully hinted at the coming storm that not only the Green Lanterns will face, but the entirety of the DC Universe stable of heroes. With the Sinestro Corps War it was revealed that there were multiple Corps from the color spectrum all correlating to a specific emotion: Yellow/Fear, Red/Rage, Blue/Hope, Indigo/Compassion, Green/Willpower, Orange/Avarice and Violet/Love. With the end of Sinestro Corps War we saw the formation of the BLACK POWER BATTERY which will give birth to the Black Lanterns with the tagline - The dead will rise... In more recent years the other Corps have made their presence known, most recently with the Agent Orange storyline featuring the greedy sole Orange Corps member Larfleeze. I for one think that the introduction of each Corps through both Johns' Green Lantern and Peter Tomasi's Green Lanter Corps has been phenominal. Both books truly have been some of the best books on the rack for quite some time and have not, and I think will not, miss a beat in the saga to come.

As opposed to Marvel's MARVEL ZOMBIE run, BLACKEST NIGHT brings a legitamit reason for the walking dead. With Marvel the story it was just a "What If" senario and nothing more. Being a fan of zombies myself, I can not wait for this event. Especially with tons of dead DC characters who I would love to see rise from their graves: Martian Manhunter, Batman, Aquaman...oh yeah, Batman is dead in comics, or presumed dead. Did you know that?

So here, courtesy of the official DC COMICS BLOG - THE SOURCE, is the first art work released from Blackest Night by the awe inspiring Ivan Reis. Enjoy! And if you are a comics fan, be sure to check out this awesome event come July. And be sure to check in, I'll be all over dat shit.

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