Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will the real Hal Jordan please stand up?

I know I am late on this news but I just graduated and I was intoxicated for the last week. But now I'm back in full swing of things, ready to blog my brains out. So here it goes.

Last week it was rumored that Bradley Cooper was in the running to play Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern in the titular film adaption. Now, though he may not be a well known actor, Cooper can be seen in the new movie The Hangover and Wedding Crashers - the former looking hilarious and the latter being hilarious. Back in March Star Trek's young Cap'n Kirk Chris Pine was rumored to be in running though I haven't seen him in anything and was worried about him as Hal.

Now for those of you who don't know, Hal Jordan is a hotshot pilot for the US Air Force who even after watching his father die saving hundreds of lives in a plane accident, followed in his footsteps except the dying part. Hal is cocky, arrogant, sly, funny, and above all else a daredevil, unafraid of risking his life just for the thrill. Now, I see Nathan Fillion as the perfect choice because he can carry that cocky humor and he is easy on the eyes. Girl eyes I mean. Alas, the movie execs look for youth even though most of superheroes are not all young, especially not anymore.

Now Cooper on the other hand could bring a fresh arrogance and pride to the role that would fit Hal perfectly. He is young, good looking and fairly in shape, he meets all the criteria though he would not be my first pick and I hope they take more people into consideration before choosing him. Yet, I think with the right direction, Cooper could fit into the ring quiet nicely. Plus, I trust Warner Bros. in their casting choices ever since they chose Heath and Eckhart for TDK. Either way, I am just glad that Green Lantern news is starting to come more often. I just hope the movie is as good as it could be.

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