Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kojima Production: "Next"

After an entire afternoon of watching the countdown clock on Kojima's New Project Teaser site, finally the wait is over. The site was launched a little while back with the source code embedded with clues to a new Metal Gear Solid game; keywords being Next, Metal Gear, Game.

Now listen, I have a beard to this day because Snake had a beard in Metal Gear Solid 2. I am a die hard fan of the critically acclaimed series, buying each system that it has graced its presence on. When any news of MGS comes my way I get an immediate erection and must proceed to sneak around the neighborhood, knocking on walls and breaking necks all while donning a bandanna. That sounded terrible...
Anyway, the site didn't change much until after a few seconds after the countdown where it revealed an image of Big Boss. He is younger which leads me to believe that the game will be a sequel to Portable Ops which came out for the PSP and was one of the best in the series, seriously. But with much digging I found the same picture of Big Boss in a magazine from China which also boasts a bad ass pic of Raiden wearing his futuristic armor but with an eye patch as well. Could there be two new games coming? One a sequel to Portable Ops and one a sequel to MGS4? That would fucking rock. I was really banking on them remaking the original Metal Gear games but the pic of Big Boss solidified that he is too young for that to be the deal.

Oh well, I'm just happy there is more Metal Gear coming my way. I have to grow my mullet now.


  1. Snake? Snaaaaake!?

    I can't wait for whatever it is. Anything that is Metal Gear is good. Although I would be curious since they ended the series so nicely with MGS4. So many possibilities, all seem good.

  2. There have been some rumors about 4 coming to 360. The latest news says it's unlikely, but things change. I'd love it if 4 came to the X-Box because I've been dying to play it but simply can't afford a PS3.

    It'll be cool to see what this is.