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With the release of the highly anticipated X-Men: Days of Future Past just a few weeks away, we here at the Machine wanted to focus on the X-franchise as a whole and determine the coolest of the coolest mutants around. Say what you want about X-Men: The Last Stand, but we can only assume that DOFP will use all of the X-continuity and rework it into a new timeline. Though the days may be numbered for the X-Men and other mutants of the Fox X-verse, we would like to celebrate the appearances of the most memorable mutants. I think that's as many X puns I can come up with at 9:00am in the morning!

10.) Azazel

Azazel is a rather unknown Marvel villain, mostly hated by fans (and not the "love" kind of hate). Created to look and actually be the Devil as in Beelzebub, Azazel's origins are now not mentioned in the comics. Now he is most notably known as the father of Nightcrawler. His inclusion in First Class was minimal and left fans unsatisfied as they had been clamoring for more Nightcrawler since X2. Though his inclusion also left us wondering if Mystique and he would get together to birth the devout Catholic blue son. They did leave together with Magneto at the end of First Class. And as tormented about her image as Mystique is in the films, one could imagine that she could confide in, and perhaps fall in love, with someone in similar visual circumstances.

9.) Banshee

Another mutant introduced in First Class, Banshee easily makes this list solely on how cool his powers were. Anyone that grew up reading the comics or watching the X-Men cartoon series knows how big a part of the X-Men Banshee plays. Having super powerful lungs capable of producing sonic screams for various effects, none were cooler than when he found out how to use his power to fly. This power is very easy to convey in the comics but to actually see it in a life action movie proved that Banshee has one of the coolest powersets that we've seen thus far in the X-Men cinematic universe.

8.) Beast

Hank McCoy was teased throughout the first two films both in easter eggs and in production rumors but was finally realized in the panned X-Men: The Last Stand. While Kelsey Grammer embodied the personality and voice that fans of the animated series had been hoping for, his physicality in the role was somewhat limited.As many things were fixed by First Class so too was this. The younger version of Beast was much more tormented and vulnerable than his older counterpart leaving a much more interesting and visually stimulating and comic faithful adaption of Mr. McCoy. We only got hints at Wolverine and Beast's relationship in DOFP but we can only assume it will only help raise Beast's coolness on this list.

7.) Sabertooth

Sabertooth somehow has not really attained his adversarial antagonistic role to Wolverine that he does in the comics, but the two times we have seen him on screen proved to be just enough to make this list. Portrayed first by the incompetent but dominating Tyler Mane in the original X-Men film, and later portrayed by the always awesome Leiv Schreiber in Wolverine: X-Men Origins, only in the later did we get the sense that these two are opposite sides of the same coin, forever entangled in a battle to the death that will never come. Though, Leiv added a new dimension to the beast, the coolest parts, albeit only good parts, of Wolverine's first spin-off were the scenes with Wolverine and Sabertooth fighting and or talking about fighting.

6.) Colossus

A fan favorite of the cartoon series and a mainstay in the X-Men comics, Colossus made his debut in X2 along with a lot of other cool characters, some who will not make this list. Colossus, like Wolverine, had a coming out party in the attack on the X-Mansion. With a lot of anticipating and building up to the moment  when he would finally don his metallic skin, he finally suited up to make sure the younger kids made it out of the mansion. Fast forward to X-Men: The Last Stand where Colossus was a main X-team member, there were many memorable scenes with him with the ultimate fanboy shout out of the fast ball with Wolverine.

5.) Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw is a rather well known villain but a villain that not a lot of fans thought that the cinematic universe would use. He is a seemingly unkillable mutant with the power to absorb energy. With most of the mutants of the world's power based on energy, Shaw proved to be more than formidable for the X-Men. And with the creation of the future Magneto signature helmet, Shaw proved his badassary all over First Class. It is a shame he met his demise at the end of the film as he would be an interesting foe to haunt the X-Men over the years.

4.) Magneto

It's hard not to put the master of magnetism higher on the list as he is one of the coolest mutants of them all. Ian McKellen brought a gravitas to the character that could only be matched by the bad ass killer instinct that Michael Fassbender brought to the table in First Class. Magneto's early history involved him hunting down the Nazi's who were responsible for the death of his family and many others which presented a thrilling, almost Bond-like feel to the character. As we can only assume that he will have a hugely prominent role in DOFP, Magneto may very well be sky rocketed to the top of this list by the time X-Men: Apocalypse is out. 

3.) Mystique

Mystique is a tough one to place on this list. In the comics she was nothing more than Nightcrawler and Rogue's mother and a shape shifting villain.In the movies however she is second only to Magneto and one of the most dangerous foes that the X-Men face. Her kick ass acrobatics and ninja like prowess have been on show for us time and time again never getting old. And now with Jennifer Lawrence (the coolest gal in Hollywood) bringing a much needed depth to the character, Mystique is one of the interesting and layered as well as one of the most bad ass characters to grace the X-verse.

2.) Wolverine

It would be incredibly easy and cliche to make Wolverine the number 1 pick. Obviously he has been kicking ass and taking names ever since the first X-Men movie but only in X2 did he really get to shine as the brute he really is. The first time he kills on screen the audience lost their minds and in the ensuing battle in the X-Mansion, it was an all out nerd fest. But the major blight on the character's chances to be number 1 is his first spin-off film. The bad movie to end all bad movies. The film was so revolting that both fanboys and cinematic audiences alike were turned off by the sheer lack of care put into the film. It was a major misstep only just rectified by the competent film The Wolverine. Though that film has its flaws too, it was the first true film to showcase Wolverine as he truly is. Here is to hoping that Hugh Jackman continues his tenure as Wolverine as long as his body can hold up.

1.) Nightcrawler

Why Nightcrawler you ask?

That's why.

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