Wednesday, February 5, 2014


You may remember a while back, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tweeted that he was talking to Warner Bros and DC Comics about some badassery of some sort. There has been much speculation as to who he could be playing in either the Man of Steel sequel, Justice League or possibly a stand-alone film. Some have thought that he would be playing Shazam but there have been rumors that Warner Bros thought the character was too close to Superman. Others have speculated that he could be playing an older Cyborg. An interesting thought especially with the Justice League rumors swirling about.

But then the Rock Insta'd this on Instagram:

The last hashtag reads, "#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss

It's surprising that the internet hasn't exploded like it does with every casting announcement/rumor that comes out of the Man of Steel sequel and or Justice League machine. But this tidbit could be hinting at the fact that the Rock may be playing Hal Jordan's one time replacement and future partner John Stewart.

For many, John Stewart is THE Green Lantern. A large fan base grew up watching Justice League: Unlimited where John was a member of the Justice League, while the comic book fans grew up when Hal Jordan was dead. Some have even blamed this fact for Green Lantern the movie's failings. That audiences didn't know who Hal Jordan was, leaving them uninterested.

If this Insta has any truth to it, it could mean big things for the Justice League movie. The Rock certainly has the military look that John Stewart rocks on his resume. He also looks like a goddamn superhero more than anyone on the planet. He would even make Henry Cavill look small.

But as in every movie that the Rock is cast in, herein lies the problem. The Rock has such a personality, that you can't call celebrity, beyond his films that casting him is basically casting the Rock and not the character you're looking for. The reason that they could use someone like the Rock in the Justice League movie is that they seem to be doing the reverse of what Marvel Studios has done with their franchises. They are starting big and working out.

Marvel made Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans stars (albeit RDJ was already fairly big and back on the upswing) before they made Avengers. Starting with the Justice League, it sounds like the film makers think it would require the stars to already be established so that the audiences would buy into them. It's a smart move, but its also a very polarizing move.

I for one think that the Rock would be a good John Stewart, but I also worry that his persona will get in the way. Also, the guy is 41. Besides Henry and Gal, the Justice League is rounding out its roster with older actors that are only getting older. Do they really want to begin what could be one of the biggest franchises out their in the hands of these "actors"?

As always, we complain about these casting choices and then are proven wrong when the film actually is released. So we can only wait and see.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Man of Steel sequel or Batman vs Superman and the Justice League movie developments right here on the Machine!

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  1. This is awesome! I would actually really like this. As someone who's never known The Green Lantern well, it does intrigue me more because of who The Rock is. But the largeness of his personality and his age are concerns. But I think he could do a really good job and surprise people. Great article!