Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Change In Dynamic

So Batman is dead. Or presumably dead, lost in time or something that only Grant Morrison and Dan DiDio know. We all know that one day he is coming back - I've got my money on GREEN LANTERN "BLACKEST NIGHT" saga coming soon. But in the meantime, the Bat-family is left picking up the pieces of the Dark Knight's legacy while barely holding itself together.

The post isn't a critique or anything, I just want to comment on the way things have unfolded while keeping those non-comic fans out there that read this up to date. So now Nightwing aka Dick Grayson has taken on the mantle of the bat after the high profile arc BATTLE FOR THE COWL which was somewhat of a disappointment and an achievement. The interesting thing is how Dick, Tim Drake aka Robin, and Damian Wayne - Talia Al Ghul and Bruce's son have dealt with the loss of their leader.

Nightwing has gone the quiet route. While trying to keep Gotham's underbelly at bay, he slowly battles his inner demons not ready to take up the cowl and not sure if any one should. Dick's arc is probably the most interesting because apart from Alfred, Dick was with Bruce the longest. Bruce even adopted him eventually further solidifying their relationship as father and son. Where Tim knew that someone must be Batman for Gotham's sake, Dick knew that none of them could live up to Bruce and his legacy.

With Dick finally donning the cowl, Damian has taken over as Robin. I have never cared much for Damian due to his cocky, rash behavior, but seeing Dick trying to teach the boy and keep order in the house of Wayne is very interesting. Damian believes that he should be Batman since it was his father who died, but Dick, Tim and readers alike know he isn't ready. I am so happy that Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's new BATMAN AND ROBIN series is set in modern times with the quirky retro spin. Plus, Quietly made Damian ugly as sin which is funny. I am very excited to see how Damian and Dick fare as the new Dynamic Duo.

Then there is Tim. Tim is in denial. He was always the detective, being the only one to figure out Bruce's secret through his intellect. Tim believes that Bruce is still alive out there and has left the cave to search. I am happy DC has given Tim his own series in Red Robin. It is darker and more driven than most of the DC's material and could be a fun romp around the globe. Plus, they now have incorporated Red Robin into the DC canon besides the quick Jason Todd stint. This tainted image gives Tim a little more breathing room in terms of what he will do to get the answers he wants.

Finally, there is Alfred. There is a quick scene in Batman #687 in which the Justice League comes to the cave to talk about who will take up the cowl. Someone asks is Alfred is okay to which he replies, "No. I am not alright. My son has just died." Out of context it does not have the same weight but in the scene, it was powerful as shit. Alfred is not an old man in a house with young people trying to do their best. But their best may never be good enough.

DC, this new dynamic is fantastic. Just don't mess it up.

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