Monday, October 26, 2009

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan Review

With Battlestar Galactica over, there has been a large hole in my heart. It truly was one of the best shows, reinterpretation, and sci fi story EVER. I'm obsessed with Lost but Battlestar Galactica is the only show that threatened it for the majority of my heart. Only the slumps and bad episodes later in the series brought it to second place. Either way, it was amazing, and if you are a sci fi fan, you must see this show. Four seasons long, it bowed out when it was good, knowing not to milk it, which I love and hate at the same time.

At the beginning of the year when the show aired its final episode, it was released that The Plan would be coming out later in the year which was just the other day. I was happy to know that more Battlestar would be coming eventually even if it was only in the form of this straight to DVD release.

I just finished watching it and thought it really was fantastic. Directed by Edward James Olmos, The Plan is an exclusive look at what the Cylons were doing/planning throughout the series starting from the attack on the 12 colonies. It was impossible for this to be shown, let alone conceived since slowly throughout the series the 12 Cylon models were revealed to us. But now that we know who all 12 are, it was interesting to see how they all fit into the "plan".

The star of the show is Dean Stockwell of Quantum Leap fame, though his work on Battlestar was always fantastic. Most if not all of the Cylon models are featured in the dvd apart from the 3's played by Lucy Lawless, probably due to her stardom/cost. Anyway, it leaves room for others like Simon to be expanded upon so much more than ever in the series. Leoben's obsession with Starbuck is given an origin and Boomer's new additions to her story fit seamlessly into the canon of the show.

In only an hour and forty some odd minutes, The Plan wraps the entire series up in one cohesive, eye-opening, and entertaining addition to Battlestar Galactica's canon. And now with the last of Battlestar finally explained, I am heavy at heart. The ending credits featured an alternate version of the opening theme that was a lament for the colonies and our Galactica friends. It truly is a heartbreaking song that will evoke emotion in any diehard Galactica fan. I downloaded it right afterwards and sat while reminiscing about an amazing series.

Listen to me, if you like science fiction, real and human, Battlestar Galactica is one of the best ever. Like all shows it had its ups and downs but I never have been affected by a show like I was with Battlestar. I loved the characters, I loved the series, and I loved the ship. I know I will never look at science fiction again. Its that good. I will always miss it.

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  1. This makes me want to get into the show. A philosophy professor of mine is really into it and suggests I check it out, so perhaps I'll netflix the first season and see what I think.

    Good stuff, Kev.