Monday, June 9, 2014

New Batman: Arkham Knight E3 Gameplay!

A lot of overwhelmingly great news and exciting video game trailers have come out of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

I'll do my best to cover a few of these stories in the coming days, most likely offering opinion pieces over straight reports so as to provide something different than the deluge of breaking news overtaking the internet.

From the announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection to Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, today is a great day to be a gamer, and there are a wide assortment of reveals The Machine would offer if we had a staff of more than a few writers. As a gamer and a writer I've been conflicted all day on where I should focus my efforts.

And then I saw a particular video.

And The Batman fan in me, which takes precedence over "gamer" and "writer"...even "human", needed to share this with anyone and everyone.

Feast your eyes on a gameplay trailer that elicited nothing but quiet "Oh my god"s, bulging eyes, and a sagging jaw from yours truly:

Everything about this is perfect.

I've been covering Arkham Knight on The Machine for a while now so it seems only fitting that it be the game I report on coming out of E3 2014.

I applaud Rocksteady for not needlessly making alterations to their franchise, instead expanding upon their proven formula and injecting natural gameplay evolutions into the series.

While Batman's gliding, stalking, and fighting mechanics appear largely unchanged, they simply don't need to be. Lesser developers would feel the pressure of supposed "innovation" and change gameplay that didn't need changing, whereas Rocksteady has remained steadfast and fully aware of what makes their game such a success. With improved visuals, new animations, the inevitable new gadget or takedown, everything that's great about the Arkham series' consistently solid gameplay will feel fresh and exciting once again.

It is in the inclusion of the Batmobile that Rocksteady offers up a shocking change to traditional Arkham gameplay. Batman's vehicular beast tears through barricades, walls, and much like a tank, completely destroys enemies and obstacles with ease. These sections of Batmobile driving and battling (the vehicle is accessible to players at any time via the press of a button), while certainly a shift in typical Arkham-traversal, don't appear the least bit out of place in this world. Batman's ride merely seems to accentuate his relentless strength, cunning, and power.

The trailer begins in what I assume is Wayne Tower or Bruce Wayne's Gotham penthouse, which means players will have a home base or two in Gotham. A picture of his parents is visible on the desk before the terrace.

Its little touches like these, constant reminders of Batman's mythology evident in photographs, Easter eggs, and side missions, that Rocksteady demonstrates their love, commitment, and understanding of the iconic character that is The Dark Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight's release date has been pushed from October of this year until "sometime in 2015". Let's all hope the Bat crashes through the proverbial skylight sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, let's re-watch this video!

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