Thursday, May 22, 2014

On Why Killing Dogs In Video Games Is A Problem

The following is a video that questions the validity of the typical dog-enemy encounter featured heavily in the modern first-person shooter video game.

The video highlights two games: Call of Duty: Ghosts and Wolfenstein. The editorial also emphasizes the two ways in which these dog-murders are problematic: they're gratuitous and the sequence is simply bad, unenjoyable gameplay.

There are some who are negatively effected by even staged violence against animals, so be warned before watching this video. It contains gruesome depictions of violence against both man and "his best friend".

For the medium to become more respectable and offer a wider variety of immersive experiences, video game enthusiasts and creators need to reevaluate their consistent need for violence. It is odd that a pastime founded on joy and imagination offers up primarily gruesome violent imagery of death and decay, typically without questioning or subverting that violence. Violence is far too often used in games purely as a means of empowering the gamer, never questioning the gamers' urge to play out simulated mass death.

This aspect of gaming, when applied to innocent animals, becomes even more unpalatable.

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