Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We got this logo first!

Ladies and gents, never have I needed Batman to come to my rescue more than now.

After watching last night's Monday Night Raw where CM Punk did not return to the WWE, I found myself faced with a level of dejection unlike any I've ever experienced. It was a strange, previously unknown emotional state to me, brought on by the gradual realization that my wrestling hero was gone, perhaps forever. I was not angry (that would have been a welcome, familiar response). I experienced what I can only describe as a mix of deep mourning and deep indifference to the darkness of the world.

And then, with a few casual clicks on Facebook, came the serendipitously, timely, much-needed, and much-appreciated reveal that Rocksteady will release a new Next-Gen Batman game in their illustrious Arkham series titled Arkham Knight.

And there's even a trailer:

Reports are that the game will take place in a revamped, larger Gotham City with "wider streets" because players will finally be able to take control of...

That's right! At long last gamers will be able to get behind the wheel of the coolest car in the universe; THE BATMOBILE!

Harvey Two-Face, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, and the master of terror, The Scarecrow, will be present as evidenced by the trailer. The game takes place years after Arkham City and, if the trailer is any indication, will once again raise the stakes for The Dark Knight - forcing him to endure another terrible night.

Here's that awesome logo again, only this time it's on fire!

Standby for a trailer analysis from The Future Machine, and come back for all future updates as we eagerly await the release of Batman's next virtual adventure.

Thank you, Batman. I'll always believe in you.

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