Saturday, March 22, 2014

8 Simple Steps For Turning Your Xbox One Game DVR Into Youtube Videos

The Xbox One is an amazing gaming & entertainment machine that permits owners to seamlessly, instantly transition between their favorite movies, TV shows, apps, and games.

It has received a great deal of criticism (due to the confounding policies and focus upon Television outlined in the first press conference reveal last summer). Regardless of Microsoft's initially confusing marketing policy and a seeming lack of focus on video games, the system itself is undeniably fun, intuitive, and very much a "Games Machine".

The beauty of the Xbox One is that it will be whatever you want it to be. If you want an advanced and effective voice-controlled Television app, you've got it. If you want access to all sorts of entertainment streaming apps, you've got it. If you want to play a litany of games and switch between them on the fly (and even play your Xbox 360 games when you hook the two systems together via HDMI cables), you've got it. If you're like me and you want a machine that does all of these things and more, you've got it. The perception that Xbox One is not primarily designed for the modern gamer is a misnomer, resultant from Microsoft's poor marketing machine when the system was announced.

But, as it stands today, it is a truly futuristic gaming ecosystem that encourages the gaming community to participate in a wide spectrum of fun, exciting, and forward-thinking ventures that engender the medium with depth, ease, and joy.

One of my favorite features of this next-gen system is the ability to record game footage without needing any kind of ancillary device.

You simply say, "Xbox, record that" and a clip will be created of the last 30-seconds of gameplay. If you want to record a longer clip, then you simply snap the Game DVR app by saying, "Xbox, snap Game DVR" or selecting the app icon, and then you can begin recording longer clips.

Once your clips are recorded, interested gamers should head over to the Upload and Upload Studio apps, where videos as long as five minutes can be crafted utilizing the simple, easy-to-use editing software. Players can also record voice-over should they wish to comment on their video or review a game.

Recently I've created two video reviews utilizing this tech, and even discovered how to upload these videos to youtube.

The following is a brief, step by step process, for how to upload your Game DVR videos to your youtube account. To do this, you will need a Microsoft account, complete with OneDrive (it may still be referred to as Skydrive on your tablet or computer), and a Youtube account.


1 - Record a clip of gaming footage by saying, "Xbox, record that," or by snapping game DVR and selecting "Start clip" as you play.

2 - Go to the Upload Studio and familiarize yourself with the editing software. There are several options for the kind of video you wish to create. You can select up to five clips of gameplay to intercut, record voice-over, and add a skin which will act as a fun transition between clips.

3 - Once you've finished editing your video in Upload Studio you will be prompted to upload it. Select "Upload And Save To One Drive". Your video will now be saved to your Xbox, but it will also appear in your cloud storage OneDrive app on your computer or tablet.

4 - Sign into Youtube and select Upload.

5 - When prompted to select files to upload, scroll through your files in your computer and find and select OneDrive (it might still be referred to as Skydrive. Depending on your device there should be a choice to select "This PC" and OneDrive will be one of the options that follows in the dropdown menu).

6 - Select Video.

7 - Select Xbox One Game DVR.

8 - Select which video you would like to upload to Youtube. After that, your video will upload to Youtube and you can add descriptions, titles, and all the rest!

It's surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section. Be sure to tag your youtube video with appropriate descriptions so that others might find it in searches.

Live long and prosper, and happy gaming!

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