Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The upcoming next-gen mech-heavy shooter, Titanfall, has "gone gold"!

So the hotly anticipated game has been finalized and is ready for replication and distribution.

Set to release on March 11th, Titanfall is considered a "system seller", Microsoft's premier Xbox One title. It is a new IP from the original creators of the Call of Duty franchise, and is an online-only multiplayer fps that pits two teams of six players against each other on futuristic battlefields featuring AI-powered bots, Mechs, and an arsenal of powerful weapons.

Earlier this week a new Xbox One bundle was announced that includes the next-gen console, the new Kinect sensor, a wireless controller, one month of Xbox Live, a headset, and a digital version of Titanfall for $499.

The bundle (arguably the best Xbox One deal on the American market) is still available for preorder.

As with all Triple A games, particularly first person shooters with a lot of hype behind them, the internet community is divided on the game between eager enthusiasts and cynical detractors (some of whom are Xbox One early adopters dissatisfied with the new, "discounted" bundle coming out only three months after launch).

Regardless of the internet noise, the fact that the game looks awesome hasn't changed, and for those fortunate enough to pick up the new console with game included, this is certainly an exciting time to be a gamer.

Get psyched, have fun, and prepare for Titanfall!

Stay tuned to The Machine, for all your gaming news (and perhaps even a Titanfall review, as soon as we're able to peel ourselves away from the game).

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