Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Batman: Arkham Origins received fairly mediocre and some downright negative reviews.

Before it was even released, The Almighty Internet decided to hate it. Assaulted with cynicism and cheap, easy complaints, commenters and game-journalists proclaiming "Cash-in!" and "Copy & Paste Game!", Origins (a prequel to Rocksteady's stellar Arkham games developed by WB Montreal) never stood a chance.

The game has not received a fair shake since release, except for perhaps from a few open-minded fans who took the enjoyable experience for what it was - pure, unadulterated, badass fun.

I am one such fan.

For Once A CGI Game Trailer That Actually Reflects The Game
Batman: Arkham Origins is a brilliant, purely entertaining video game. Yes, a large portion of the map is the same as the previous iteration (though it's enjoyable to see a younger, more intact collection of boroughs) and the game certainly has its flaws. But the gameplay mechanics are stronger than ever, the new portion of the map exciting to explore, the voice-acting on point from all involved, and the story is superior to both previous Arkham games.

So unwilling to be fair-minded and approach the game from a positive point of view, detractors have missed out on a beautiful Batman-experience, and perhaps tainted it for others.

I was even effected by the negative-hype at first, unwilling to pay for something that was seemingly easy money for WB. And then I relented, realizing that I needed to decide for myself, that I could not deny myself a new Batman adventure.

And what I discovered was one of my favorite games of 2013. What I discovered was a game I enjoyed more than Arkham City.

Wanna fight about it?
Origins is the most human of the series, and tells a rousing Batman-tale that explores the depth of his relationships with some of his greatest foes, and provides actual motivation to the characters we know and love - not to mention some of the most thrilling, emotionally engaging interactive scenes and boss-fights of this console generation. The story takes twists and turns, delving into the very minds of Batman's best nemeses.

For these reasons and many more, I couldn't be more excited for the upcoming 'Cold, Cold Heart' Story-DLC.

Based on the trailer and the title, the story will obviously explore Batman's first encounter with the notorious Mr. Freeze.

Popularized and refined on Batman: The Animated Series, Freeze is one of the DC Universe's greatest villains. Motivated by love and revenge, Freeze's story is epically Shakespearian, and a fitting addition to this burgeoning video game DC Universe.

You can pick up Origins on the cheap online or at your local games store. Keep an open mind, ignore the comforts of gamer-group-think, and give this excellent Batman-story a try.

'Cold, Cold Heart' will be available for download on April 22nd.

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