Wednesday, February 19, 2014


"Stay a while and listen."

In want and or need of some new games on the cheap? Don't like getting out of bed, stepping into sunlight, or risking bodily harm by venturing into society? Hate needlessly interacting with other human beings?

Well, if you own an Xbox 360 and have a subscription to Xbox Live, today is your lucky day!

All week long Xbox Live's Arcade and Games on Demand service is having a pretty spectacular tag sale. Some games are discounted as much as 90% off the regular asking price.

I for one love the Games on Demand service as it offers a convenient and extensive library (and it just feels cool and future-like to have a slew of digital titles, able to switch, on the fly, without needing to put a disc in your console).

If video games are your passion and pastime, it's good to keep up to date on deals like these.

Xbox Live has sales and specials every week (this is just a particularly good one), and even offers two games completely free each month as part of the Games With Gold promotion. It just takes a little bit of menu-navigation know-how to keep apprised of these excellent deals.

So far I've picked up Runner 2 (only on sale yesterday), Dante's Inferno (yesterday), and Darksiders II for little more than $20 total - missed out on Dishonored, which was only $9 dagnabit.

Here are some of the games on sale:

  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - 50% off
  • Darksiders II - 75% off - $15
  • Lost Planet 2 - 75% off - $5

  • Batman: Arkham City - 75% off - $5
  • Portal 2 - 67% off - $10
  • Mass Effect - 75% off - $4
  • Fable III - 50% off - $7.50
  • Dust - 80% off - $3

While I'm sure you could get some of these cheaper at your local games store, some of them are worth picking up and owning permanently, especially if they float your boat. Take into account the size of the discount, the length of the game, and the quality of the game. The open world adventures are particularly worthwhile as they offer a significant amount of playtime.

I give gold stars especially to Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders II, Mass Effect, and even Fable III.

Take care not to go too crazy, though, as there will be new, one day only sales each day for the rest of the week. We're likely to see a good amount of Microsoft Games Studio games, so be on the look out for Halo 4 and Gears of War if that's your thang.

Fable III is particularly enticing, but with a backlog of unfinished campaigns from previous sales, and quickly diminishing hard drive space, I might just have to stop myself and take a breath. Thank 'The Maker' this is my only extravagance in life.

Happy gaming, and check back with The Machine for updates on games sales and new releases.

Live long and prosper.

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