Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost Was Fixed Last Night

I repent for my previous blog. As always, after an immediate, emotional reaction to anything in life, I learn that I should have held my tongue and calmed myself before acting.

After last night's episode I easily forgot many of my gripes with Jacob's lackluster light-heavy episode and feel as though that episode was validated in many ways.

From Ben's good ole evilness, Desmond's alternate reality badassery, the man in black's ruthlessness, Jacob and Jack's little ceremony, to a potentially powerful lead-in to next week, I loved this entire episode with only one notable exception I will not divulge in case anyone has not seen it.

I would write more...but Red Dead Redemption came out yesterday...and I still have some outlaws to bring to justice.

The finale is soon upon us, my friends. Soon...we will know how it all ends.

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  1. /gunshot

    MIB, "Ben, you never cease to amaze me."