Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost Was Broken Last Night

I cannot comprehend the ideas, thoughts, nor the intentions of the Lost writing staff and producers. I've wanted to see Jacob and the man in black's origin story ever since the season five finale, as has everyone who loves the show. But the fear of having their mystique destroyed by seeing that origin proved truer than I could have ever expected. To have these mythical characters reduced to nothing more than humans, conceived on this earth who are as confused by the mysteries around them as the rest of the cast, and their rules and powers bestowed upon them by some mystery woman with apparently magical wine and insight into glowing caves that she refuses to share is, very simply, heartbreaking. The rules we've been hearing so much about aren't explained here, unless we are to believe that these men, after being alive for centuries, adhere to the guidelines of a crazy mother and nothing more.

All I've wanted are basic, solid answers, or at the very least, cool vague ones. We received nothing of the sort last night. As Alison Janney stated, one answer simply leads to another question. But it doesn't need to. It shouldn't be that way. I shouldn't be asking new questions at this point. None of us should.

What is the light?
What does "harness the power of the water and the light" mean and how did the man in black "devise a system" to do so and how does he know that it would get him off the island?
Why did the man in black's body remain after he transformed into the smoke monster?
Why did he transform into the smoke monster?
Who is "mother"?
Where does she come from?
Why is there a whining, shivering musical note every time someone says something?

This episode proved to me that the Lost writers have never had any idea what the hell they were doing. They are clearly pulling things out of their ass with this episode and deciding to tell us to be quiet, eat what they give us, and be happy with uncertainty. And they can easily hide behind this. They can say, "Look we're just reflecting the mysteries of life. There will never be any solid answers in life. That's what we're saying". No. What you're saying is that you cannot think of an adequate explanation for an island that can travel through space and time, smoke monsters, people inhabiting other people's bodies, ghosts, coming back from the dead via pools of water, alternate realities, why people are the way they are (talking about The Others here...we still have no idea why they are so violent), or what the island is. The writers have teased us, strung us along, and done so simply for the sake of ratings. This is not a show like the X-Files where we're never promised anything. This is a show where we've been subtly guaranteed explanation and where explanation is actually essential to the appreciation of the series.

This was a bad episode, plain and simple. After watching it, after being so utterly astounded that this is supposed to be the origin of the most mysterious, intriguing feud of the series, I feel that Lost cannot entirely recover. Yes, the finale may be amazing. The characters I actually care about may get the send off they deserve. But this episode broke an important part of Lost.

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