Friday, April 30, 2010

Long Live The CoCo (Part 2)

Enjoy the college circuit.

This statement is fantastic. It contains just the right amount of biting sarcasm, unreasonable anger, and the perfect amount of idiocy. I assume the poster is attempting to undermine The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour.

It's not a college campus tour. It's a multi-city musical comedy show that spans the entire nation in sold out arenas and casinos like The Mohegan Sun. And even if it were just a college tour why is that something to snub your nose at? Did Conan O'Brien personally murder this person's dog?

Why should we care? In fact, we don’t. Adios Conan.

What's troubling here is that this person has taken it upon themselves to speak for the rest of humanity. Please, do not speak for me. You are a stranger and have no right to speak for anyone but yourself.

If anyone watched television for even five minutes back when the NBC fiasco was taking place, it was fairly clear that Conan had a large number of supporters who did care. I cared. I care because I've grown up watching this man. I care because this man and his troop of fellow comedians and musicians have provided me countless hours of joy.

To use adios instead of goodbye or bye-bye or so long is so blatantly obnoxious for two reasons:

1) people who like to pepper their sentences with foreign words are pretentious and have acid for blood.
2) If this person is saying "Adios Conan" as a reference to "Conando", Conan's Tonight Show Spanish sketch, that means this person watched Conan enough to witness this skit. You have to be fairly knowledgeable of the man's Tonight Show run to make such a reference. If the poster hated it so much, why watch it enough to be able to reference it? And how could anyone on this planet with eyes and a soul not like Conando?

Also, doesn’t the guy already have like tens of millions of dollars in the bank? Why should we care?

This is the only valid statement this person makes. It suggests that we shouldn't feel bad for Conan because of what happened between him and NBC. Of course we shouldn't. He is a millionaire and he can do basically whatever he wants and he will. Even he told us not to feel sorry for him. Even he is aware of this. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't care about what he does or be interested in his future as an entertainer.

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